Mission & Vision

Three students working on a computer and talking together


We work at the intersection of academia and industry to propel more women and underrepresented communities into technology degrees and careers.

Our Promise

We raise our hands.

To ask questions, to solve problems, and to collaborate. We drive and accelerate systemic change that creates opportunities for equitable participation in tech.

Women in audience standing and raising her hand.

We raise expectations.

To demand more of ourselves and others. To challenge universities and workplaces to do better. To speak up because we know that real innovation requires all of us.

We raise each other up.

To cheer loudly on the sidelines. To pick each other up if we fall. To learn from our mistakes, and to celebrate all our wins — big and small. We show up as a team, together.


Our vision is to achieve gender equality in tech.


Beyond gender, we recognize that additional institutional barriers to access exist for specific groups — such as Black, Latina, Indigenous, low-income, and first-generation undergraduate college women and students with marginalized gender identities — and seek to elevate their voices and grow their numbers within the tech community.

We welcome all underrepresented gender, racial, and religious identities. And if you believe in our mission, we’d love to have you be part of our movement.


Women should lead in re-thinking the relationship between human-centered and machine-enabled work.

Women need to be bold. Tech leaders understand the world not just as it is now, but as it will be.


Collaborative innovation is needed at the intersection of academia, industry, and both local and federal government in order to drive the systemic change we need to create true diversity in tech.

We focus on collaborative innovation in three areas: curricular innovation, career access, and community-building.

"If we want the next generation of technology we create to address our society’s most pressing needs, the next generation of technology creators must represent the diversity of technology users."

Debbie Marcus She/Her
Senior Director of Programs

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