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Building a more

Inclusive, Empowering, Equitable

tech ecosystem


Because the future of innovation depends on all of us.

57% of all college degrees are awarded to women...

...but only 2% are in computer science and tech disciplines.


“We can’t compete in the digital age if we leave half of the available talent pool sitting on the sidelines. It’s that simple.”

Judith Spitz she/her
Founder and Executive Director of Break Through Tech, former CIO at Verizon
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We deliver innovative programs that break down barriers so women can break through in tech education and tech careers.

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Break Through Tech program participants sitting in the audience.

“...everyone belongs in tech no matter who you are... as long as you’re willing to keep on learning from your mistakes and asking for help.”

Chelsea Rice she/her
CUNY Student at Brooklyn College; Break Through Tech New York alum
Only 25% of computing jobs are held by women – down from 32% in 1990 and unchanged since 2016

Source: Pew Research

Stories and Insights

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Putting Machine Learning Skills to the Test: Students Begin AI Studio Projects in New York, Boston, and LA

The Break Through Tech AI Program is focused on giving students the skills and confidence to succeed in machine learning and AI — and there’s no better way to put what they know to the test than the first-of-its-kind AI Studio program.

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Seizing the summer: Students complete Summer Guild across the country

For incoming first-year undergraduates, summer is an important time — busy with course selection, packing in hours at summer jobs, studying a campus map — to prepare for the four years ahead. At Break Through Tech, we think it’s never too early to start thinking about how the classes they choose set a student up for their future career.

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UIC data science student Linda Mansour against a representation of biological data
Chicago Story

Letting go leads to discovery

Sometimes you find a natural home for your aptitudes in a place you never thought to look. In this HOW ("Her Own Words") column, UIC student Linda Mansour explains how letting go of her initial conception of her academic trajectory led her to something better.

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map of Illinoic with Chicago highlighted


Chicago has a diverse and growing talent pool and a robust tech ecosystem.

Partnered with The University of Illinois Chicago (UIC)

New York State with NYC highlighted

New York City

New York City is home to more than a half million college students and America’s largest metro economy.

Partnered with City University of New York (CUNY), Cornell Tech

Washington DC with Capitol location highlighted

DC Metro

DC boasts a unique flavor of tech due to its proximity to federally funded research and development, venture capital funds, and policymakers.

Partnered with George Mason University, University of Maryland, College Park

a map of florida with a star over miami


Forbes calls Miami an "emerging [tech] hub for Latin American without actually being in Latin America."

Partnered with Florida International University (FIU)

map of California with a red star over Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Los Angeles has long been America’s gateway to the Pacific Rim and is the entertainment capital of the world.

Partnered with University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

A map of Massachusetts with a red star over Boston


Boston is a leader in life sciences and advanced manufacturing and robotics.

Partnered with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)