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Break Through Tech works at the intersection of academia and industry to propel women and non-binary students into computing degrees and tech careers. Currently, we have two programmatic offerings: The Sprinternship™ and the Break Through Tech AI Program. Both have affiliate sites located on college and university campuses across the United States and are offered virtually as well. Break Through Tech’s national office is located on the Cornell Tech campus in New York City. 

Breakthrough Tech programs begin during students’ early college years and are aimed at college women, with a particular emphasis on welcoming Black, Latina, Indigenous, first-generation, trans, and non-binary students. 

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Break Through Tech, AI Program

The Break Through Tech AI Program helps women and non-binary students gain the skills they need to get jobs in the fastest-growing areas of tech: data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Developed by industry and academic leaders, students begin with a summer ML Engineering curriculum that teaches the critical, practical skills that help qualify candidates for entry-level jobs in the field including skills in building data analysis pipelines, training and validating ML models, while gaining experience with common ML/AI libraries. 

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Next, students join the AI Studio where they work in teams to solve industry challenges and develop a portfolio of AI projects that demonstrate their capabilities. Throughout the program, students receive career coaching, mentorship, and summer internship placement support, all aimed at helping participants successfully launch their AI tech careers.

The AI Program is currently offered in Boston, and Los Angeles as well as virtually to students outside of these metropolitan areas.

The Sprinternship™ Program

Sprinternships™ are quick and immersive paid micro-internships that support you early in your computing studies. They provide work experience and a tech industry résumé credential to help you land your first tech internship.

Sprinternships™ run for three weeks during academic breaks and are hosted by companies, so each experience and project challenge is unique. All Sprinternships™ are designed around several common features:

  • Tackling a real business challenge while immersed in a host company’s culture
  • Strengthening a professional network and connections in the tech community
  • Working in a team of peers to help build collaboration skills and confidence.

Learn more about the Sprinternship™ program here 

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