Tyla Daniels

Program Operations Coordinator, Break Through Tech AI Virtual Program

Tyla brings an array of experiences having worked at the cross-section of education, tech and inclusion. She previously worked as a program operations manager at a tech nonprofit based in San Francisco, CA supporting Black leaders in tech. Prior to this, Tyla held many roles in K-12 and higher education from teaching English to college counseling at multiple charter schools in underserved communities throughout the Mid-South and Midwest. She navigates her career by ensuring she is in the position to increase access for underrepresented people, and can uplift the people who are working to bring this to a reality. Tyla’s expertise lies in creating foundational materials and processes for new departments, and offering creative solutions until processes have reached their desired state. Having managed several programs and formed lasting connections with students from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds, Tyla is excited to bring her synergy and skillset to the students and team at Break Through Tech.

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