Empowering a Future in Tech: Wanjiru Mambo’s Transformative Journey with Break Through Tech AI

Finding the right path in the ever-evolving world of technology can be daunting. However, a chance social media post can sometimes lead to a transformative journey. This is Wanjiru Mambo’s story. She is a student in the Break Through Tech AI program, and this experience reshaped her vision of a career in technology.


It began with a simple scroll through LinkedIn; a post caught Wanjiru’s attention—it included the words free, mentorship, and technical skills. Drawn by the prospect of enhancing her Python coding skills and a burgeoning interest in AI, she found Break Through Tech’s practical, modern, and collaborative approach irresistible. With ambitions of securing a full-time job after graduation (Spring of 2024) and exploring the field of Artificial Intelligence, the program was a perfect fit as it offered new technical skills, training, and career development opportunities.

Initially focused on data analysis and software engineering, her involvement in the AI program ignited a passion for Machine Learning Engineering, particularly in Natural Language Processing and ethical AI. This newfound interest also inspired her Senior Honors Thesis, a project deeply rooted in NLP; she’s analyzing a Twitter (now X) dataset with posts collected over different Kenyan election seasons and recommendations on the issues that matter most to the population. The data she is using for her thesis was obtained from Kaggle, an online platform where data enthusiasts can download datasets and participate in competitions.

The intensity and rigor of the Break Through Tech AI program taught her to value the benefit of linking theoretical academic coursework to real-world application. Although it wasn’t just about the coursework, memorable moments such as finding a community of like-minded peers, gaining recognition for perseverance, and experiencing a sense of home through music during a Maker Day session made the journey unique.

During AI Studio, Wanjiru then embarked on an ambitious Challenge Project, developing models to predict corruption as a measure of happiness. The insights gained from this project emphasized the importance of good governance and its impact on societal well-being.

“My advice to other students is to dive in. Coming with an open mind and embracing every aspect of the experience can be transformative.”

She hesitated when asked about her superpower and said, “I can walk up to a random person and instantly have a full-on conversation about almost anything.”

As she works on wrapping up her undergraduate career at Meredith College, Wanjiru is in the job market for a data science role. (Her LinkedIn profile is here)

Break Through Tech was a catalyst for growth, discovery, and direction for Wanjiru. From a random LinkedIn post to an AI enthusiast with a clear career path, her journey inspires us all.