Los Angeles

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Why Los Angeles?

Los Angeles has long been America’s gateway to the Pacific Rim and is the entertainment capital of the world. The city is also home to many leading tech companies and startups in various industries, including aerospace, robotics and gaming. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Network, Los Angeles placed sixth in a ranking of global startup ecosystems, feeding off of the diverse talent of several large research universities. We believe the next generation of leaders should reflect the diversity and inclusiveness of the city itself.


Ranked the #1 public university for the fifth straight year, UCLA is a powerhouse in research breakthroughs, and lends its innovative approach to Break Through Tech students through our new collaboration. Known as the birthplace of the internet, the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering is also where countless other fields took some of their first steps – from reverse osmosis to artificial intelligence. In 2021, the school launched its Science Hub for Humanity and Artificial Intelligence in collaboration with Amazon Science to address humanity’s pressing challenges through cross pollination of academic and industry research that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence.

By hosting our AI Program, UCLA is opening its doors to women and underrepresented undergraduate students from across the Los Angeles area.

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The Program

The Break Through Tech AI Program helps students gain the skills they need to get jobs in the fastest-growing areas of tech: data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Developed by industry and academic leaders, students begin with a summer  ML  Engineering curriculum that teaches the critical, practical skills that help qualify candidates for entry-level jobs in the field including skills in building data analysis pipelines, training and validating ML models, while gaining experience with common ML/AI libraries.

Next, students join the AI Studio where they work in teams to solve industry challenges and develop a portfolio of AI projects that demonstrate their capabilities. Throughout the program, students receive career coaching, mentorship, and summer internship placement support, all aimed at helping participants successfully launch their AI tech career.

Apply to the Program Now in its second year, the AI Program model is already proving itself. The continued success of our program relies on the incredible industry partners we work with in every city. Interested in working with us in Los Angeles?

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