Navya Gangrade: Experiencing Break Through Tech’s AI Program Through The Virtual Platform

Studying Computer Science at Arizona State University, Navya participates in Break Through Tech’s AI program through the virtual platform.


Finding out about Break Through Tech through LinkedIn, Navya was drawn to the AI Program by its unique focus on empowering underrepresented groups in technology and the allure of mastering skills in data science and machine learning. “The prospect of gaining practical industry-relevant expertise, especially in areas like building data analysis pipelines and utilizing ML and AI tools, was a compelling opportunity.”

Break Through Tech has been a transformative experience for Navya, altering her perception of machine learning and solidifying her interest in the field. “The practical exposure gained through the program, particularly in the apprenticeship with Allstate, showcased the real-world impact of machine learning in areas like data analysis and risk assessment.”

The program’s emphasis on career coaching and mentorship has also been important for Navya. “It not only equipped me with technical skills but has also clarified my career goals, allowing me to approach my future with a newfound enthusiasm.”

When asked to name a lasting impression or memorable highlight of the AI program, Navya didn’t hesitate: “The program underscored that success isn’t solely about technical prowess but also about effectively conveying ideas and collaborating within a team. These shared learning experiences not only deepened my technical understanding but also reinforced the importance of effective communication.”

“The [AI] program provides a unique opportunity to not only build technical skills but also to develop essential teamwork and communication abilities.”

Navya’s involvement in real-world projects within the AI Program also emphasized a collaborative approach and reinforced a commitment to hands-on, impactful learning experiences. “In a project titled “Wildfire Incidence and Property Insurance: A Data-Driven Analysis”, we engaged in comprehensive data exploration, modelling and the development of visualizations, utilizing an array of machine learning algorithms. The project not only deepened my technical skills but also highlighted the broader applications of machine learning in addressing real-world challenges.”

When she’s not studying or working on projects, Navya stays active through swimming and badminton, hangs out with her friends, and enjoys a good read, particularly the unpredictable plot twists of thrillers, mystery novels and horror stories. “The diverse world of literature keeps me eagerly turning pages, always seeking that next captivating story or unexpected twist.”

When asked to offer a piece of advice to other students considering the Break Through Tech AI Program, Navya quickly reiterated the benefits of close collaboration. “Engage actively with your team members, share diverse perspectives, and don’t shy away from asking questions or seeking help when needed. The program provides a unique opportunity to not only build technical skills but also to develop essential teamwork and communication abilities. Take advantage of the mentorship and career coaching aspects of the program, as they can offer valuable insights and guidance for your professional journey. Finally, approach each project and learning opportunity with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn; the skills and experiences gained during the program have the potential to shape your future career in exciting and unforeseen ways.”